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Fair Game

The very successful women’s sport podcast: Fair Game, asked me to do a full reband and explore some website options for them. As seen on Refinery29.

Some imagery inspiration for the project
Iteration of the lettering for the lettermark

The Ground Work

Fair Game is a podcast aimed at providing a media platform for women in sport around Ireland and afar, giving the much needed attention to these athletes. Really placing down the roots for not only sporting activities at an international level, but at a local grass roots level in the media. I was heavily inspired by four words that I felt the brand resonated: Equality, visibility, change and empowerment.

Taking this all into an account, and as being a sportsperson myself, everything starts at the pitch, grounds, course, track or court, so I used the outlines of these to create the lettermark. I did this by layering tracing paper layouts on top of one another and pulling the shapes from the overlapping outlines.

Print outs of the different pitch types etc, layering on top of one another to create the letterings.