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Product Design

Sweepr CSR Tool

I led a team of 3 designers throughout the duration of this project. The CSR tool is used by customer care agents within internet service providers and device manufacturing companies to help give them more context about their customers connected devices problems. We gathered customers' feedback through the length of our sales process and in-turn, some requirements were formed with the addition of the existing CSR design debt to work off.

The Opportunity

We were given the opportunity to redesign our CSR tool, which meant that we had the time to apply our existing Oasis DS whilst also improving the overall UX of the product. However, the key task of the project from a usability point of view was to highlight the key data points that our system supported in Sweepr and any self service the customer may have carried out. On top of the informative side of the tool, we were given the task to introduce a queing and ticket pick up system for the customer care representatives.

CSR notes
CSR network context view with all connected devices data shown.

The Work

Our plan for the product had to be aligned with our engineering teams sprints therefore we worked 2 sprints ahead of the engineering team to allow for usability testing and any redesigns that may have needed to happen. After the sum of the successful design sprints, this particular product underwent 2 user feedback session with a large ISP customer in the states alongside 1 usability testing round in total, which helped shape a better overall experience within the product and more personalized features for our customer. This was the first time our design team had a substantial amount of feedback from one of our customers which is always a welcomed opportunity.

Once our rounds of design sprints were completed, it was followed by testing and a feedback session to the designers. Working through the user feedback cycle and having the UX issues prioritized from our lead researcher, helped me to really established the best possible version of this product.

The Conclusion

Overall I was very happy with how this project turned out. Gathering all valid feedback and being able to implement on that to produce a fully functional and benefical product for our customers was a great outcome.